Reselling is Overrated

It’s been a minute since I’ve updated this site. Welcome back. I am writing this between two Yeezy releases. I wanted to give you some insight into my mind, what drives me to go out and secure shoes you normally only see lining the shelves of Flight Club or Stadium Goods. This is more of a “journal entry” if you will. It doesn’t really have a form or coherent flow.  It’s simply my thoughts and feelings being typed out.

First, a bit of history of how I got into the reselling game. It started off small enough my freshman year of high school. I was able to walk into a Best Buy on Black Friday, purchase Beats headphones for 50% off and resell them on eBay for near retail price. My mother had an eBay store and she helped me out in those early days. My first Yeezy purchase came about out of necessity. I really needed to pay off something (which is a whole other story), so I managed to cop 2 pairs of the Pirate Black Yeezys while waiting in line for butter on a stick at the Iowa State Fair. I shipped them off to Flight Club, and my sneaker reselling career took off. This was before the days of StockX and Goat, so getting the sneakers to the consumer was a bit harder. However, I stuck with it and managed to continue to secure limited releases.

I’ll be the first to admit, I was incredibly lucky the first year of my reselling career. The market was smaller back then and not everyone was a “reseller”. I was able to login to Nike and get the Aunt Pearl Kd 6s with no trouble at all. Splash pages were merely a speedbump on the road to purchasing Yeezys. However, as the years continued to turn over, things became increasingly more difficult. I needed an upper hand or knowledge beyond the simple sneaker blogs. I turned to Reddit (lol) and Twitter for this information. From there I was able to join Slack and Discord groups. These groups helped me discover backdoor links and introduced me to bots. If you’re wondering, which I know you probably aren’t, I currently use ANB AIO, Splashforce, and Dashe as my current bots. Without these connections, I would not be anywhere as near deep in the game as I am now.

It was from within these groups that I gained much of my knowledge that I have today. The members of these groups range from nerdy developers in the UK to streetwear moguls from the streets of Atlanta. The one common interest was sneakers. They weren’t in the reselling game strictly for the money; they loved shoes. I think that is one thing that people overlook about myself. I don’t just resell sneakers for the profit, I love the culture. People try to say that resellers are killing the game. I would beg to differ. I only resell because there are people out there willing to pay a 400% markup on glorified house slippers. The free market economy dictates that a voluntary exchange that mutually benefits both parties is necessary for the seller to remain competitive. I’ll stop charging what I do when you stop paying what you do.

Reselling is not a career. It is a hobby. It is something you have to be passionate about in order to succeed. If you aren’t passionate about sneakers, don’t resell them. Resell Hatchimals, Funkos, or whatever it is you enjoy. Don’t resell for the money, do it for the culture. To be completely honest, it’s all about who you know. It’s about being on the cutting edge of information and applying that knowledge before anyone else. If you’re looking for quick cash, you might be able to get it, but don’t expect to log onto adidas at 10:05 on release day and be able to cop even one pair.

I love helping people. If you’re looking to get into the game. Let me know. I’d be more than willing to help. I will pull all-nighters trying to cop from Ukranian websites with you. I will stay up with you until 3am on the phone trying to talk you through how to land a lunar module so you can buy some Tom Sachs. As you can see, I live a very exciting life. In short, if you love sneakers, I will do everything I can to help you get in the game. Believe it or not, even if you only come around during Yeezy releases, I’ll still help you out. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Until next time, dilly dilly.


Is Sneaker Reselling Morally Wrong?

The sneaker game is one that is not immune from its shares of controversy. From street fights over limited releases to people paying homeless folks to stand in line for a shoe, sneakers have created a fair amount of questionable behavior. Out of all the questions that sneakers have raised, there is none bigger than reselling. 

The act of buying a limited shoe and selling it on the secondary market for a profit is considered reselling. The area of reselling has exploded in recent years due in part to shoes such as the Yeezy. The proliferation of online releases and lack of instore stock have also added to the issue of reselling. 

I’ll admit it. I resell shoes. Do I feel any remorse towards it? No. However, like anything, one has to be careful to guard themselves as not to make it an idol. Greed a big factor. The way I view it is if people are willing to play the market and pay the heightened price, then there is no problem with making a few dollars. Some call it crony capitalism, others just call it business. 

As long as one is fair in his or her pricing and is giving the buyer a fair deal, I have no qualms with reselling. It is when people try to control the market and inflate profits strictly out of greed that I begin to see issues. 

There are more complex factors and other arguments that can be raised. I would love to hear your feedback. 

Yeezy V2 “Triple White” Online Links.

The Yeezy Boost 350 V2 drops on Saturday, April 29, 2017. Below all the confirmed sites stocking them with direct links.

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Yeezy Raffles.

The Yeezy Boost V2 “Triple White” releases this weekend. Below is a list of raffles that are currently open. They vary from signing up to receive an email to tagging friends in Instagram posts.

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