Is Sneaker Reselling Morally Wrong?

The sneaker game is one that is not immune from its shares of controversy. From street fights over limited releases to people paying homeless folks to stand in line for a shoe, sneakers have created a fair amount of questionable behavior. Out of all the questions that sneakers have raised, there is none bigger than reselling. 

The act of buying a limited shoe and selling it on the secondary market for a profit is considered reselling. The area of reselling has exploded in recent years due in part to shoes such as the Yeezy. The proliferation of online releases and lack of instore stock have also added to the issue of reselling. 

I’ll admit it. I resell shoes. Do I feel any remorse towards it? No. However, like anything, one has to be careful to guard themselves as not to make it an idol. Greed a big factor. The way I view it is if people are willing to play the market and pay the heightened price, then there is no problem with making a few dollars. Some call it crony capitalism, others just call it business. 

As long as one is fair in his or her pricing and is giving the buyer a fair deal, I have no qualms with reselling. It is when people try to control the market and inflate profits strictly out of greed that I begin to see issues. 

There are more complex factors and other arguments that can be raised. I would love to hear your feedback. 


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